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In Portugal there has always been a tradition of good food and fine dining. Over the years this tradition has been increasingly refined and today we live in one of the highest moments of Portuguese cuisine. With the growth of tourism and more demanding customers, the national cuisine has grown and with it came a number of names that today are a reference in the national and international gastronomy panorama and that have been transforming our customs, what we look for and even the way we eat.


SANA has accompanied this trend of transformation and evolution and has sought to add to its ranks a number of national and international chefs who provide a multiplicity of experiences ranging from fine dining to the reinvention of traditional cuisine, through Asian cuisine or the tradition of Italian cuisine. These are the chefs who are revolutionizing our kitchens.



Martín Berasategui

Chef at Fifty Seconds by Martín Berasategui

In the world of cooking since he was 13, he started in a family restaurant owned by his parents and aunt, where he became head chef at the age of 21. Five years later he received his first Michelin star. In 1993 he opened the Martin Berasategui restaurant where after only six months he received his first Michelin star, three years later he received his second, and in 2020 he received the guide's highest rating, three stars. Since then he has already earned 12 Michelin stars, one of which was awarded to the Fifty Seconds restaurant in Lisbon just one year after opening.



Filipe Carvalho

Executive Chef at Fifty Seconds by Martín Berasategui

He's not sure if it was in the family restaurant that he discovered his vocation, but his first experiences were there, and it was from there that he decided to go to the Coimbra School of Hospitality and Tourism, to take a course in cooking and pastry making, but he quickly realized that his future went far beyond pastry making. A born competitor, he joins the ACCP national culinary team which leads him to a brief stay in New York. Back in Lisbon he ventures briefly into Japanese cuisine and visits the first Michelin star restaurant, Fortaleza do Guincho. It was during a gastronomic event in Thailand that he met Martín Berasategui. From there he moved to Spain where he helped Lasarte win its third Michelin star, and became the Executive Chef at the luxurious Hotel Monument. When it's time to return to Portugal, Chef Martín Berasategui doesn't want to let go and invites him to join him in the opening of Fifty Seconds, a project where Chef Filipe is the main driving force.

Fifty Seconds by Martín Berasategui, Lisbon


Luis Mourão

Executive Chef at EPIC SANA Algarve

Originally from Alentejo, he adopted the Algarve to live and to delight us with his cuisine. Executive Chef of the EPIC SANA Algarve since 2013, he has worked at Bica do Sapato, Convento de Espinho and also on the TV show Top Chef. Today he is in charge of all the hotel's F&B. He is in charge of 5 restaurants, ranging from Italian-inspired to Asian cuisine to Portuguese cuisine. But it is at Al Quimia that the Chef finds his greatest passion. A fine dining restaurant whose tasting menu is his own creation, inspired by his origins, regional products and the diversity of fish and seafood that our coast has to offer.

Al Quimia, Algarve


Dhiego Silva

Headchef and Sushiman at UDDO

Of Brazilian origin, he has been passionate about Japanese cuisine from an early age. After starting his career in Brazil as a Sushiman, he comes to Portugal in 2017 where he graduates from the Association of Professional Cooks of Portugal. Passionate and studious of Nikkei cuisine, he brings to the Algarve the most authentic flavors of Japan, with the most traditional techniques, but with the freshness of the ingredients of the region that are worked daily.

UDDO, Algarve


Carlos Cardoso

Executive Chef at Myriad

Born in Cascais, he grew up in a family of cooks so cooking has always been part of his life. A lover of aromas, textures and flavors, his life changes at the age of 20 when he meets his mentor, Chef Vincent Farges, at the Michelin-starred Fortaleza do Guincho. After that he moved to Tavares Rico, Four Season as Executive Sous Chef, and took on the leadership of the kitchen at Myriad by SANA in February 2020. He sees cooking as a constant challenge that can only be overcome with creativity, a sense of evolution, perfectionism and high standards.

River Lounge, Lisbon


Francesco Francavilla

Chef Allora

The Chef believes that a magnificent pasta dish makes the world a happier place. It is precisely in Allora's kitchen, with his handmade pastas, grills and delicious desserts, that he conquers the hearts of the most demanding palates, revealing the true flavors of Italy, with a touch of modernity, but on a journey to his roots and the memory of the importance of family and Sundays spent cooking with his nonna.  

ALLORA, Lisbon


Vasco Sampaio

Executive Chef at SANA Malhoa

His great inspiration is Portuguese gastronomy, its influences, the Mediterranean flavors. This is the starting point for a gastronomic journey with a chef originally from western Portugal and whose career has taken him through much of the country, from the Vidago Palace to the Convento dos Capuchos. A recognized team player, he believes that without a good team it is impossible to achieve excellence in an authentic and traditional menu that includes a variety of fresh fish and much appreciated meats, including, among other delicious dishes, the famous codfish and the traditional lamb, served with its traditional and tasty Portuguese side dishes.

Mediterranean, Lisbon.


Edgar Rocha

Executive Chef at EPIC SANA Lisboa

Born in Aveiro, Chef Edgar Rocha defines himself as a lover of traditional Portuguese and Mediterranean gastronomy. His passion for cooking began as a child, and over the years he has added technique to his passion. He started his career at Hotel Quinta do Lago, having worked at the Yeatman and Eleven as resident Chef, where he participated in the Michelin star recovery project (2013). Before becoming Executive Chef at EPIC SANA Lisboa, he was part of the opening of the restaurant Fifty Seconds by Martin Besarategui. He doesn't like to feel comfortable, challenging himself daily to achieve excellence both in the dishes he prepares and, in the service, he provides. He believes that this is the only way to achieve a 5-star service.

Flor-de-Lis, Lisbon

Chef Martín Berasategui
Chef Filipe Carvalho
Chef Luís Mourão
Chef Dhiego Silva
Chef Carlos Cardoso
Chef Francesco Francavilla
Chef Vasco Sampaio
Chef Edgar Rocha