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With 16 hotel units distributed between Portugal, Germany and Angola, and another ten under construction (Lisbon, Estoril, Porto, Casablanca and Georgia), SANA is today one of the most important hotel and restaurant companies in Portugal and the hotel chain with the most hotels and largest number of rooms in the city of Lisbon.

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of all our clients, providing unique and unforgettable moments and always guaranteeing comfort and quality.



Myriad Sana Hotel Lisboa Exterior 11
Epic Sana Luanda Hotel Exterior Pool 3
Sana Capitol Hotel Lisboa Exterior 1
Evolution Lisboa Hotel Exterior 3
Sana Malhoa Hotel Lisboa Exterior

The beginning

SANA was born in 1999 with SANA Capitol, near Marquês de Pombal. With more than 23 years of history, the company has grown steadily, cementing its presence in the market through the quality of its products, the excellence of its service and the multiplicity of experiences it provides.

SANA is divided into 6 Concepts developed with the needs of different audiences in mind: Myriad by SANA - a unique hotel, differentiated in terms of its infrastructure (the hotel is built right on the river) and with an extraordinary location in Parque das Nações; EPIC - five-star hotels in Lisbon, the Algarve and Luanda; Excellence - a group of four-star hotels; Style - three-star hotels; Residence - a concept developed with long-term stays in mind. These are fully equipped flats, inserted in the hotels in Berlin and Luanda, which offer the service, hospitality and comfort of the hotel itself; and Evolution - are bold tourist developments, with a very high level of incorporated technology, and for an urban customer adapted to new technologies.

The result of this strategy is the Group's signature "Beyond Your Expectations". An aspirational signature, which translates into a great brand promise, based on the main values and excellent services it offers.


Epic Sana Lisboa Hotel Lobby Reception 1
Epic Sana Algarve Hotel Exterior Pool 1
Epic Sana Marques Hotel Lisboa Be Epic Bar 11

The importance of the sub-brand

As part of SANA's sustained growth, the opening of EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel and EPIC SANA Algarve Hotel in March 2013 represented the entry of the EPIC sub-brand in the Portuguese market.

The name says it all: EPIC is a category of five-star hotels that know how to provide luxury and elegance in every space, rigor and personalization in the service, exclusivity and refinement in every service. This is the attitude present in the comfort of each room, in the refinement of each meal, in the sophisticated meeting rooms and in the tranquillity of the leisure and well-being spaces.

This concept, which was already present in Angola with the opening of the EPIC SANA Luanda in 2011, was immediately recognised for the excellence of the service it provides both in the domestic and international markets. Proof of this recognition has been seen in the award of prestigious national and international prizes.

As part of the group's expansion strategy, the EPIC sub-brand saw its hotel portfolio increase with the opening at the end of 2021 of the EPIC SANA Marquês. This new five-star unit located in the heart of the city of Lisbon contributed to reinforce SANA's positioning as a reference in the luxury hotel market at national and international level.



Evolution Lisboa Hotel Exterior 5
Hotel Evolution Cascais Estoril21
Hotel Evolution Cascais Estoril1
Evolution Lisboa Hotel Exterior 7
Evolution Lisboa Hotel Lobby Reception 4
Evolution Lisboa Hotel Bar Restaurant Lounge 34
Evolution Lisboa Hotel Rooms 2
Evolution Lisboa Hotel Wellness Sauna 1
Hotel Evolution Cascais Estoril25
Evolution Valbom Hotel The Upper Deck
Evolution Valbom The Living Room And The Kitchen Restaurant
Evolution Valbom Hotel Rooms

A new generation of hotels

EVOLUTION Hotels is a new brand of innovative hotels in the Portuguese market, which combined the lifestyle concept with the savoir-faire of Grupo SANA Hotels caring hospitality. Strategically located in prime and trendy locations - Lisbon and Cascais -, the Evolution Hotels are distinguished by a cool and relaxed atmosphere, with well thought out modern designs, diverse, current, and attractive facilities, introducing a certain bold and daring attitude to break the conventional routine of conventional hotels.

All services are available 24/7 and are under the users' total control, giving the guests the freedom to enjoy the Evolution experience at their own pace.

Evolution Lisboa, Evolution Cascais-Estoril and EVOLUTION Valbom invite all guests, travellers, visitors and locals to live the full Evolution experience.

SANA Experiences

Myriad Sana Hotel Lisboa River Lounge Restaurant 3
Myriad Sana Hotel Lisboa River Lounge Restaurant 11
Epic Sana Lisboa Hotel Flor De Lis Restaurant 2
Epic Sana Algarve Hotel Al Quimia Restaurant 3
Epic Sana Algarve Hotel Al Quimia Restaurant 17
Epic Sana Algarve Hotel Uddo Restaurant 8
EPIC SANA Marquês (1)
Epic Sana Marques Hotel Lisboa Koji Restaurant 7
Epic Sana Marques Hotel Lisboa Spa Pool 1

A varied offer

The SANA Experiences world brings together a diversified offer in the restaurant, entertainment and wellness areas.

SANA has followed the trend of investing in services that complement the accommodation experience of guests, for work or leisure, and which are also open to the general public.

In terms of gastronomy, an area in which the group has invested heavily, it has created differentiating spaces, investing in the quality of its products and in hiring renowned executive chefs who have experience and recognition in the market. Examples of this are the restaurants, River Lounge, at Myriad by SANA, Flor-de-Lis, at the EPIC SANA Lisboa, Al Quimia and UDDO, at the EPIC SANA Algarve, Allora and Koji, at the EPIC SANA Marquês, and Mediterrâneo at SANA Malhoa. Also as a distinctive experience, Switch is positioned as an evening and multifaceted space in the Angolan capital, allowing the client to live and enjoy various experiences without having to move to another location.

The SAYANNA Wellness & SPA brand emerges to complement the wellness experience and is present in the Myriad by SANA hotels, in the four EPIC hotels and in the SANA Malhoa Hotel.

In catering, SANA also has four projects outside hotel units: A Pastorinha, an emblematic restaurant on Carcavelos Beach, SUD Lisboa, a restaurant and events space that opened in 2017, Fifty Seconds by Martin Berasategui, which opened in November 2018 and has a Michelin star, and Bread & Friends, which represents a new and modern concept of bakery, pastry shop and coffee shop in Lisbon city centre.


Epic Sana Casablanca Hotel Marrocos
Evolution Casablanca Hotel Marrocos
Evolution Porto Gaia Hotel
Sana Hotel Rua Do Ouro Lisboa
Convento Da Graca Sana Hotel Lisboa

The present and the future

SANA has always bet on its growth in Portugal, especially in the city of Lisbon where it has 10 hotel units in operation. Currently it is actively betting on the expansion of the EVOLUTION Hotels brand, where it foresees the opening in 2023 of EVOLUTION Cascais-Estoril and EVOLUTION Valbom, by 2025 of EVOLUTION Gaia and by 2026 of EVOLUTION Tbilisi.

Also in the city of Lisbon, SANA plans the rehabilitation and requalification of the Convento da Graça into a hotel and a real estate project in Rua do Ouro (downtown Lisbon), with the commercialisation of flats and suites, as well as a luxury hotel.


Pedro Miguel Ramos
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